ADOPT-FIT delivers outstanding services and state-of-the-art tools to enable our customers to fully realise the supply-chain efficiencies available.

ADOPT-FIT started business in the US in 1995, followed quickly by the opening of offices in Europe to meet the demands of global customers needing to monitor remote stocks at customer sites. 

The company quicky established a reputation of excellence in the chemical industry and was pleased to announce in 1999 that 8 out of the top 10 global chemical companies were using its systems.

Having a strong engineering background ADOPT-FIT is able to provide robust industrial monitoring solutions that have been deployed to most parts of the world.

The company's original product portfolio "Global Inventory Manager" or "GIM", has proven to have excellent operational reliability in diverse locations from with in the Arctic Circle to the equator.

With the adoption of the internet for information and data transfer, ADOPT-FIT launched a range of products called "eGIM" in order to provide enhanced data delivery and information services to customers. 

With customers making use of the Internet increasingly for e-commerce, ADOPT-FIT was able to provide data connections for automatic ordering and stock replenishment. 

Working with XML data and CIDX standards, many customers now benefit from a high degree of automation in the e-commerce cycle.