The new eGIM Beta launch

ADOPT-FIT launches the new eGIM system. 
This interactive Graph offers many new benefits.

The initial display shows the latest week of inventory history.

The Re-Order and Minimum Stock alarms are also shown on the graph, together with the maximum fill level.


The Graph now has a "hover" facility. Use the mouse to read the level and date-time of any of the recorded points
(shown as blue dots on the Product Level line).

The blue dots can also be clicked. This action zooms the graph to "Last 24 hrs", with the
clicked point appearing as the latest (right hand side) of the graph.


The Graph can be re-scaled to show alternative time-scales. The pre-set ones are as follows:-


-please note that selecting longer time-scales such as Last Quarter, Last 6 Months and Last Year,
may result in a delay before the graph appears. This is due to the large amount of information
being sent to your computer.

Additionally, the "Date Range Selector" can be used in order to show a graph between two selected
date-times. In order to use this follow the following procedure:-

- Firstly select the "Date Range Selector (tick)
- Click on the graph to select the first (oldest) date-time to display
- Wait for the graph to re-draw
- Click on the graph to select the last (youngest) date-time to display
- The graph will be re-drawn showing the information between the two date-times (inclusively).

Graph now displays the alarm levels appropriately for each day of the week.
The following example shows that there are no alerts programmed for the weekend:-