Cost Saving

ADOPT-FIT has recently seen a strong increase in the number of customers wishing to use VMI to manage ever increasing logistics costs. We have been pleased to welcome new customers and also expand our deployment with existing customers. In today's challenging economy, our systems have a proven track record of increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Due to considerable customer interest, ADOPT-FIT has been extending and enhancing the Demand Planner together with the Consumption and Supply reporting tools.

These tools can integrate fully with ADOPT-FIT's inventory reporting and management systems, or can also be used stand-alone in order to provide e-commerce facilities driven on-demand from customers consumption trends.

Full ERP integration allows automation from the consumer stock level, through to the replenishment order being generated at the supplier.

New Outstation Range

Deployment of the 3rd generation of outstations is now underway, following initial deployment with a customer in the fuel-additives business.

These outstations are designed to be deployed into industrial environments, but are able to communicate with state-of-the-art technology, thus delivering up to date and accurate information on which the following supply chain depends.

has always designed its own systems and they are manufactured in our ISO-9001 approved facility.  Considerable experience of deploying systems globally has enabled us to refine the design to acheive maximum reliability.  All systems are designed for maximum lifespan and remote upgrade and disgnosis. 

We have systems reliably operating from within the Artic circle to the equator.


Premiere Profiles

ADOPT-FIT installed a VMI system for Premiere Profiles in the UK. The system provides VMI data to a number of the suppliers.

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